Caballos Gavilan
Horses make you happy!


Go off the beaten path with Caballos Gavilan!

Looking for something to make your visit to Vilcabamba an unforgettable experience?  Save your spa treatments for later and try a 3-day horse ride to the Podocarpus National Park; ascend to 3,400 meters above sea level and stay the night in our refuge, get to know your horse  intimately with 10+ hours of saddle time, see countless orchids in their native environment, wander through the cloud forest looking for signs of puma and spectacled bears, enjoy the best culinary offerings of southern Ecuador tailored to fit your taste, and best of all, spend some time with one of the legends of Vilcabamba, Don Gavino Moore, the Kiwi horseman extraordinaire.

At Caballos Gavilan, we don’t offer a multitude of touristic services to scrape up a buck wherever we can–we specialize in sustainable horse tours on well-fed, well-rested horses that are chomping at the bit to take you up the mountain and away from everything else.  Email us at and rest assured that you’ll be treated like more than a tourist, but maybe less than a horse :-)!